Helm for Emacs is a fantastic Quicksilver-like extension, but it gets quite wordy sometimes. Instead of C-u M-x helm-do-grep *nav to dir* *enter extensions* *enter query* to recursively grep, I defined the following in my init.el. Now hitting F1 will grep actual source across all my projects.

(defun project-search ()
  (helm-do-grep-1 '("/home/vaughn/src")
                  '("*.clj" "*.cljs")))

(global-set-key (kbd "") 'project-search)

One thought on “Keybinding for emacs helm to recursively grep certain file extensions in your src directories

  1. Do you know how to set :input externally for `helm-do-grep-1′? I want to configure such like :input (isearch-string) without modifying helm-grep.el.


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